God Has A Way Song Book

Songs & Hymns

Abide In The Vine
Builders Together With God
Come And See
Come, Lord Jesus, Shine More And More
Jesus Must Have The Preeminence
No Compromise A Song Of Christian Integrity
Press Toward The Mark Of Your High Calling In Christ Jesus
The Kingdom Order Has Been Restored
There’s A Whole Lot A Shaking Going On
There’s Power For Holiness And Life In Grace
Unless The Lord Builds The House He Labors In Vain That Buildeth It
We Can See God’s Glory
We Need You, Lord. Teach Us To Walk In Your Ways.
What The World Really Needs Now Is Jesus
When Jesus Ascended He Gave Gifts Unto Men
When The House Of God Is Built According To The Pattern

Poetry & Meditations

From Death To Life
I Know Your Fear. I Know Your Pain.
You Have My Plan Right In My Word
Getting In!