Living The Truth In A World Of Lies Song Book

Songs & Hymns

Can You Sense His Mighty Presence Here Today?
Did I catch a glimpse of Jesus just now?
Emmanuel, Parousia, Apocalypses
His Life Is Now Flowing
His Love Is Flowing From Member To Member
I See You
Jesus Has Come To His Body
Jesus Is The Only Truth That Matters
Lord, Let Me Worship In Spirit And In Truth
Mercy and Truth
Oh Israel, Israel
Pure Thought Is Based On Logic, So The Story Goes
Science And Logic Are Limited Tools
Teach me
The Church Is Filled With Hypocrites
They Had Thought The Proof Would Come
We Need You, Lord. Teach Us To Walk In Your Ways.
What The World Really Needs Now Is Jesus

Poetry & Meditations

From Death To Life
How Would One?
The Real Church
Getting In!
Miraculous Revelation
Science, Falsely So Called
The Prophetic Word Of Rationalism