The Body of Christ Song Book

Songs & Hymns

As Fires Rage
As For Me, I Shall Behold Thy Face In Righteousness
Can You Sense His Mighty Presence Here Today?
Come And See
Did I catch a glimpse of Jesus just now?
Emmanuel, Parousia, Apocalypses
Ephesians 4
Give All of Your Praises Unto the Great King
Go To The Highways And The Byways
He Who Eats My Flesh and Drinks My Blood
His Life Is Now Flowing
His Love Is Flowing From Member To Member
I Am A Steward Of The Ministry Of God
I Love His Image
I See You
Jesus Has Come To His Body
Let Us Be Broken Like Bread
My, My
Precious Is My Gold
There’s A Whole Lot A Shaking Going On.
You Have A Ministry

Poetry & Meditations

The Real Church