The Revelation Song Book

Songs & Hymns

Does Your Life Seem Empty?
He Leads Me and Guides Me
Holy Spirit, Teach Us About Jesus
If The Holy Spirit Leads
If You Would Be My Witness
Lord What Would You Have Me Do?
Lord, Let Me Worship In Spirit And In Truth
Oh Lord, In You Is Hidden All Knowledge
Our God Has All The Wisdom And The Power That He Needs
Speak That I May Know Thy Will
Stand In The Counsel Of The Holy One Of Israel
The Holy Spirit Must Reveal
The Hour Of Glory
The Rational Mind Of Man
The Spirit And The Word Agree
Theologians And Scholars
There’s A Whole Lot A Shaking Going On.
They Had It All Worked Out
Thoughts We Have Thunk
We Have Not Followed Cleverly Designed Fables

Poetry & Meditations

Unfolding Revelation