A Great Joy, That’s What Noel Means

A Lesson from Christopher Columbus

A Nation of Priests and Kings

A New Day I See

A New Day Is Dawning In the Earth

A Song of Deliverance

A Word Rings Clear

Abide in the Vine

About Sin

All Things Are Possible

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

And I Know I’ll Never Be Alone

And I Saw Angels Picking Up the Tear Drops

As Fires Rage

As For Me, I Shall Behold Thy Face in Righteousness

As the Earth Brings Forth Her Buds

Baby Dedication and the Laying On Of Hands

Baby Dedication and the Laying On Of Hands Medley

Be Filled With the Spirit

Be Still

Be Transformed

Before Me There Stands an Open Door

Behold I Live

Behold the Darkness Covers

Bless All Creation

Blessed Is the Man, Jeremiah 17: 7

Born To Conquer

Build Up the Waste Places

Builders Together With God

By The Word of Our Testimony

By Your Stripes, Lord Jesus, We Were Healed

Called Together, a Wedding Song


Can You Sense His Mighty Presence Here Today?


Christ Has Set Me Free

Christ Today

Christmas Commandments

Christmas in the Here and Now

Come All Ye Who Are Weary

Come and See

Come Dwell with Him in the Holiest

Come Into the Presence of the Lord

Come Into This Place–ascension

Come, Lord Jesus

Come Out, Come Out of Her My People

Come Up Higher

Come Up Hither

Come, Follow Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus, Shine More and More

Comfort the Children


Dads and Moms Who Pray

Did I catch a glimpse of Jesus just now?

Did You Invest Your Prayers For Me?

Do You Know Jesus, My Savior?

Do You Love The Lord?

Does Your Life Seem Empty?

Emmanuel, Christ with Us, the Hope of Glory

Emmanuel, Parousia, Apocalypses

Empty Me Totally, My Lord

Ephesians 4

For Christ Shall Reign

For the Joy of His Appearing

For Your Covenant with Death

Fresh from the Throne Above

From Death to Life

From Glory to Glory to Glory to Glory

Getting In!

Give All of Your Praises unto the Great King

Give Us This Day

Glory to God, Hallelujah!

Go to the Highways and the Byways

Go, Tell It on the Mountain

God Had a Perfect Design

God Is Building a House

God Is Faithful.  God Is Marvelous.

God’s Great Kingdom Now Is At Hand

Grant Us More Boldness

Happy Are We

Have a Jesus Day

He Is Lord Over All

He Leads Me and Guides Me

He Put a Rainbow in My Life

He Who Eats My Flesh and Drinks My Blood

Healing Quote by Charles S. Price

Healing Streams of Life Are Flowing

Healing Wings

Hear the Trumpet

Heaven and Earth Are Passed Away

Heaven Is Within and It’s At Hand

Here I Am Lord

Here in My Heart

Here We Walk In the Interim

His Abiding Presence Is So Sweet

His Life Is Now Flowing

His Life We Are Giving

His Love Is Flowing From Member To Member

His Name Is Wonderful Counselor

His Righteous Trees


Holy Spirit Draw Us Near

Holy Spirit Teach Us about Jesus

How Beautiful Upon the Mountain

How Good It Is

How Pleasant It Is

How to Find Love

How We Praise You, Lord Above The Heavens!

How Would One?

I Am a Steward of the Ministry Of God

I Am Dead To the World

I Am Redeemed!

I Bear My Cross and I Keep Pressing In

I Came Here For a Reason

I Commit To You, Lord

I Create In Thee a New Life

I Descend With a Shout

I Found the Pearl

I Gave them to Him,

I Have a New Spotless Garment

I Have Said I Am a Christian

I Have Set My Face as a Flint to Walk Toward Jerusalem

I Have the Seed

I Hear Singing

I Know He Lives

I Know the Lord Is With Me—Yes, I Do

I Know Your Fear.  I Know Your Pain.

I Love Him

I Love His Image

I Love You, My Brother

I Saw His Face

I See You

I Simply Submitted To Your Righteousness

I Submit Myself to Your Spirit, Lord

I Want To Be

I Will Not Fear For Tomorrow

I Will Restore My Church Again

I Will Seek To Know You, Lord

I Will Sing In the Ways of the Lord

I\’m Just One Little Drop

If I Clothe the Lilly

If I Fly Then You Can Too

If My People Would Just Know and Understand

If The Holy Spirit Leads

If You Feel Discouraged

If You Hear His Voice

If You Would Be My Witness

If Your Eye Is Single Your Whole Body Is Full of Light

In A Moment

In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him

In His Garden

In Thy Presence

Incline Thine Ear

Indestructible Joy and Unshakable Peace

Is Your Life Shakin’?

It Matters Not

It’s You Lord Who Works Your Works in Me

Jesus Died and Rose Again

Jesus Has Come To His Body

Jesus Is the Only Truth That Matters

Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life

Jesus Must Have the Preeminence

Jesus, King of Power and Might

Jesus, Oh Jesus

Jesus, Your Name Is So Precious


Just Beyond the Glory Clouds

Just Content to Be a Son

Just Looking Straight Ahead

Just To Know the Lord Is Wonderful

Just When I Thought

King of Peace Now Live In Me

Knowing the Terror of the Lord

Lay Down Your Life

Let It Flow From God Above

Let Me Ever Seek Thy Face

Let Me Live In the Glow of Your Presence

Let Me Magnify Thy Name

Let That River Keep Flowing Every Day

Let the Holy Spirit Fill Your Being Head To Toe

Let Thy Kingdom Be the Only Thing for Me

Let Us All Be One That the World May Believe

Let Us Be Broken Like Bread

Let Us Build, Let Us Build Your Church Now

Let Us Now Enter His Presence to Praise Him

Let Us Stand In The Presence Of Our God

Let Us Worship Him

Let Your Love Be In Me

Let Your Power Surge through Me

Let Your Spirit So Dwell In Me

Let’s All Praise the Lord

Let’s Just Flow With the Anointing

Liberty!  What Is It?


Life Holds

Lo, I Am Coming

Lo, I Looked

Lock Us Up In You Oh Lord

Long Time Ago

Look Past the Symptoms to the Source of His Abundant Supply

Lord Jesus Christ, You Are the King of My Life

Lord What Would You Have Me Do?

Lord, Let Me Worship in Spirit and In Truth

Lord, Let Your Sweet Wisdom Now Flow Out From Me

Lord, Today, We Dedicate Our Ministries to You

Lord, Your Presence Now Is So Real

Love Is the Answer

Love, Joy, and Peace

Manifest the Light

Manifested In Vessels of Clay

Many Substitutes

Maranatha! Even So, Come Lord Jesus!

Marching To the Kingdom

Mercy and Truth

Mighty Word of God

Miraculous Revelation

My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee

My Prayer

My Testimony

My Testimony: What God has done and the hope I have in Christ Jesus

My, My

Neither Do I Condemn You; Go and Sin No More

No Compromise, a Song of Christian Integrity,

Now I Am Changed

Now Is the Time

Now You, My Friend, Just Follow Jesus

O Fellowship Blessed Fellowship

Oh How I Long For the Manifestation

Oh Israel, Israel

Oh Lord My God, I Bow to Thee Alone

Oh Lord, In You Is Hidden All Knowledge

Oh Lord, Let Me Magnify Your Name

Oh Lord, Let Me Yield

Oh Lord, Let Us Take Authority

Oh Mighty Well

Oh Praise the Lord

Oh What A Plan

Oh Wretched Man That I Am: Romans 7

Oh Ye Gates Of the Lord

Oh Ye Mighty Men of Valor

Oh! Spend Time In The Presence Of the Lord God Almighty

Oh, Let the Love of God

Oh, Lord, I Long For Your Embrace

One Purpose

Our God Has All the Wisdom and the Power That He Needs

Out Of Love We Have Gathered; In Love We Join Together

Out of the Fire

Out On This Stormy Sea, Here Comes Jesus

Peace Child

Peace Follows Each New Transition

Please Now Lift This Burden from My Shoulders

Praise the Lord

Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord

Precious Is My Gold

Press toward the Mark of Your High Calling in Christ Jesus

Psalm 131

Psalm 150

Pure Thought Is Based On Logic, So the Story Goes

Put Your Compassion Here In My Heart

Rationalism and Revelation

Real Hope

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice

Released From Captivity

Retreats and Church Camps

Righteousness Springs Forth

Rise Up Oh You Saints

Romans 6

Romans 8:28

Science and Logic Are Limited Tools

Science, Falsely So Called

Search And Find the Love that’s Real

See, Sayeth He, Jesus Turned It into Blessing

Seek Him and Find Him

Seek the face of the Lord

Set Me Free

Sing an Overcoming Song with Me

So Let Us Walk With Him

Some Folks Say

Song in the Night

Speak That I May Know Thy Will

Spirit of Sonship

Spirit, Transform Me

Spiritual or Natural

Stand In the Counsel of the Holy One of Israel

Standing In The Presence Of the Lord

Stay Away From the Gray

Stretch Forth Your Hands

Such As I Have I Give Unto Thee

Take a Stand If You Can

Take the Veil From Off Our Face

Teach me

That Perfect Must Come

That Time You Set Aside To Seek My Face

The Accuser

The Accuser Speaks With Pompous Words

The Best Is Yet To Come!

The Church Is Filled With Hypocrites

The Common Theme

The Day Is At Hand

The Earthen Vessels Crying Abba

The Faith of God

The Faithful City Standeth

The Fires of Heaven

The First Fruits Company

The Foundation of the Church Stands Sure

The Glory of the Rising of the Son

The Good News

The Holy Spirit Must Reveal

The Hour of Glory

The Hundred and Forty-Four-Thousand Now Stand

The I Am–the I Am–the I Am

The Kingdom and Dominion

The Kingdom He Is Building In the Hearts of You And I

The Kingdom Is Now At Your Hand

The Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom Order Has Been Restored

The Light Is Shining

The Lively Stones

The Living Stones, I’ll Set in Place

The Lord Is My Great Shepherd So I Will Not Suffer Want

The Mystery Is Finished

The Prophetic Word of Rationalism

The Purity Ring

The Rational Mind of Man

The Real Church

The Spirit and the Word Agree

The Spring Has Come At Last

The Way Is Simple

The Wolf and the Lamb Shall Feed Together

The Wonder of the Ages

The Word Is Made Flesh Again

The Words of Life Are Only Words

The Youth of This World–Well They Can

Theologians and Scholars

There Are Those Who Love To Say

There Are Times

There Is A Place in Jesus

There Is a Time in Early Morn

There Is No Substitute for Jesus

There Is Peace in My Heart

There Really Is No Other Like My Jesus

There’s A Whole Lot a Shaking Going On

There’s Power for Holiness and Life in Grace

They Came To Break Up the Foundation

They Had It All Worked Out

They Had Thought the Proof Would Come

This Freedom in the Lord

This Is Coming From the Father

This Is It; This Is It!

This Is My Day of Jubilee

This Is the Anointing Of Being

Thou Wilt Show Me a Path of Life

Thoughts We Have Thunk

Thy Kingdom Come, Lord; Thy Will Be Done

To Him that Overcomes

Touch Him

Turn Us Again, Lord

Two Kinds of Faith

Two Spirits

Unfolding Revelation

Unity and Harmony

Unity, For This Lord, I Pray

Unless The Lord Builds the House He Labors In Vain That Buildeth It

Unmerited Favor! Alleluia!  Thank You, Lord!

War, the Great Division

We All Will Be One as Jesus and the Father Are One

We Are Speaking a Word

We Are Standing In The Presence Of the Lord

We Can See God’s Glory

We Dedicate This Tiny Life to You

We Do Praise Thee

We Have Not Followed Cleverly Designed Fables

We Need You, Lord. Teach Us To Walk In Your Ways

We Put Her into Your Mighty Hands and Loving Care

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What a Wonder

What about This Jesus? What About This One Called Christ?

What Are You Doing With Your Freedom?

What Is It About Christmas?

What Is That High Calling?

What Is This Liberty?

What the World Really Needs Now Is Jesus

When Jesus Ascended He Gave Gifts Unto Men

When My Own Light Is Getting Dim

When the House Of God Is Built According To the Pattern

When the Storms Rage

When Trouble Comes, Stop, Look Away To Jesus

When We Come To the End of Our self

Which Faith?

Will You Allow My Spirit To Flow Through You?

Wisdom Is Building a House

With All My Love

With Each Trial That Comes In Like a Flood

Would You Let This Guy Live In Your House?

Would You Love Me In The Silence Just As In The High Praise?


Ye Flames of Fire

Ye Shall Be a Name of Joy

Yes, My Child, I Have Led You in This Path

Yet Not I but Christ

You Have a Great Worth

You Have a Ministry

You Have My Plan Right in My Word

You Know That Jesus Is the One I Call My Savior

You Work So Very Hard

Your Most Important Relationship

Your Salvation Is Nearer

You’re On the Brink