Stronghold Prophecies

2023 Stronghold Meeting Prophecies highlights
Even now, yield yourself to My Spirit. Let yourself go into My glory. I shall lift you up into the heavenly heights tonight. For My hand is here. My glory’s here. Oh. Draw near to Me says the Lord. Draw near to Me. I will draw near unto you. Draw near to Me. I will draw near unto you. Draw near to Me. I shall carry you to where I need you to be. Draw near to Me. Draw near to Me.
Enter into My presence, My people, says the Lord. Let go of your flesh and enter in in a new way. Let My glory fall upon you. Let your flesh be melted away. Enter in. Enter in. Don’t hold back.
Hear My voice. Hear My voice as I call unto you. Let My voice do its work in thy heart. I shall bless, I shall keep, I shall anoint you for My hand is at work on thee. I shall free thee. I shall give thee liberty in Me. Thy voice shall speak … unto thee. Hear My voice. Hear My voice all My people. Speak My word. Speak My word, sayeth the Lord.
There is a fountain that flows from My heart. It contains My Spirit within. So drink up, drink up My children, and indulge yourself, indulge in Me. For I long to make you now make you in your holy garments, make My Spirit sing forth from your mouth. So trust in Me, My children. Trust in Me, My children, and I will guide you through this life.
My children, come into this week with expectations. With high expectations, saith the Lord. For My people have not because they ask not. You have asked for My presence here. Many have prayed that I would come and manifest My Spirit on this place this weekend. Expect what you have prayed for, My children. Expect it and know that it will come true. High expectations, My children.
For the glory of the Lord springs forth, My people, in many streams coming from His throne. Even now the glory of the Lord is on you. His power and authority is in you. His presence is in you, saith the Lord. Yea, you have known Me, and you have walked with Me. And now I lift you up, saith the Lord, into a new realm, a realm you have not experienced before. Yea, I lift you up. I lift you up, saith the Lord.
Yea, My children. Do not fear to open your mouth and say My words. For it is a new day. The veils are falling. My strength is in you because you have asked Me to. I am here in each and every one of you. Do not hold back. Do not let your flesh give you fear. Do not let the evil one or anything else let you be fearful or hear things that are wrong. Know that I can do anything with you if you ask. You are Me when you open your mouth. Let Me go. Take My word, for it is true.  I am the Father. I am the Creator. You are My children and you are all loved, each and every one of you. I care so much about you. I want you to come into the new world with Me with open arms because I am ready to take you to new places. Thus saith the Lord.
My people, I have watched you grow. You have learned from Me throughout the years, and yes you are ready for a new step. You are ready to receive something I have been wanting to give you. You have been preparing yourselves by yielding to My Spirit. And yes, I will give you your desires, that you’ve been waiting for, for a long time. And you will rejoice, and not only you, but those around you will rejoice. For many that are waiting, for the manifestation of the Sons of God. And the Sons are about to be manifested. And so people will see and glorify Me by what they see.
For as the glory comes down and rests upon you. This shall give you spiritual eyes. It shall give you spiritual ears. And I say unto you, accept the spiritual eyes, and you shall see the gifts and ministries manifested in your brother and sister. Yea I say unto you, you shall hear them manifested in your brother and sister. And any wall that has been built up, anything that has kept you from that and from Me shall not stand in My glory, saith the Lord. And I say unto you, break it down. Tell it to leave. It is not part of being a son of God That is of the dark kingdom, not of the kingdom of the light, saith the Lord. And I say unto you, you have heard about unity. You have asked about unity. You have prayed about unity. And I say unto you, as the glory rests upon you and gives you the spiritual eyes and the spiritual ears to hear, you will find glory that is unmeasurable, unity that is unmeasurable, saith the Lord.
Thus saith the Lord thy God Almighty, even thy Father in heaven,
even My Son. In thy heart, speak life. Again I say, speak life.
Let Me complete the work that I’ve been doing in your life, saith the Lord thy God. Yea I know you are wounded and weary. Let Me heal thee. Let Me strengthen thee. You might say yes, but I’ve experienced such loss. But know I’m here to replace that loss with Me, saith the Lord thy God. I do not leave My people in despair, downcast, indeed I come alongside and pick them up and carry them and strengthen them. Walk on with Me, My people, this day. Do not look back, but look ahead to the glory that I’m revealing in thee, saith the Lord thy God.
For yea My children, you have been bound. Yea you have been bound by your flesh and oh, how you have tried to overcome it. I say unto thee this day, this is the time right now when I am stripping away your flesh and yea you shall enter into My presence, says the Lord. This is to the Holy of Holies. Yea, let go. You will not lose anything, for you are entering into something so great you cannot even imagine it. Thus saith the Lord
Yea My little ones. Now is the time. Yea, you are not here by mistake. For yea, I knew that this was the moment and the place that you needed to be saith the Lord. At this moment, in this time. Yea, I knew it before I even created the earth. And now is the time to take hold of Me, saith the Lord, to reach out and hold on to that which you know is true, that which you know is right. For yea, I am freedom and I am peace. I am the counselor. I am the comforter saith the Lord, and yea I long for you to walk with Me and beside Me saith the Lord. So yea, hold on to those things that have been prayed over you. Yea, those gifts, the ministries, yea, the love that you have for Me. Yea, reach out your hand and take Mine and let Me lead you. Yea, you must submit to Me in order to be led. Not just follow, but be led, saith the Lord.
Yea My children, take that step into faith now. Take that step and jump into My open arms. Jump into My open arms and see the rewards I have for you My children. You have longed for this for a long time. I tell you this day, I am ready and willing to lead you there. But My children, you must take that leap, take that leap of faith into My arms right now. Do not worry about what may happen. Do not worry about the fall for do I not say that I do protect the sparrows, and I will pick you up and not allow you to dash your foot against a stone My children? Am I not a good father, a good shepherd? Do I not bear thee when you need it? Am I not that ever present help in time of struggle My children? For I tell you this day, trust in Me, My children, trust in Me. Take that leap of faith into My arms and I will be there for you.
My people come into My presence more, My people. Each and every
morning, and each evening My people, cry unto Me. Step into that river and let it wash over you and wash away the dirtiness of the world, the dirtiness of the day, the burdens of the world. The burdens that are on your shoulders, may it wash that away. Just wait before Me My people, and My presence will descend upon you, My anointing will descend upon you and I will restore your soul, My people. I will fill you with My peace, I will fill you with My anointing, and I will fill you with My joy. I will fill you with all that I am. And as you go out from that place, My people you will go out with the light of Christ upon your faces. You will go out from that place and it will change the lives around you, My people. And your words will become My words if you step into Me more as you walk with Me more. My words will fill you and the words that come from your mouth will be My words, My people.
For yea, I am the giver of life, saith the Lord thy God. Come forth, saith the Lord, and I shall touch thee, saith the Lord thy God. For yea, My healing virtue shall flow forth this day, saith the Lord. May it come forth My people, those who need a touch, whatever it is, saith the Lord thy God. Yea, My hand is not shortened unto you, saith the Lord. But yea, I am with thee in a wonderful way, saith the Lord thy God. Yea, the pool is being stirred, saith the Lord thy God. Come forth and be healed this day, saith the Lord thy God. Even now My Spirit is here, thwart the enemy, saith the Lord above. Yea, be released of the pain that hath bound thee, saith the Lord thy God. And go free indeed saith the Lord. I am here, saith the Lord, come forth and be healed this day.
For it is a new day. And it is a new hour. And I have been leading My people in a new way. And I say unto thee, as you speak forth, so shall it be. And I say unto thee, what you ask for, that I will give. This day I say unto thee, My children, bring those things that have bound you, that have discouraged you, that have kept you down. And I say unto thee, I shall set you free today.
My people, I am the Lord that healeth thee. I am the Lord that healeth thee. I am here to heal, My people. I’m here to increase your faith in Me, and I can do that. I need your faith to believe, those that have the gift of faith, and those that do not have the gift of faith. I need all the people to have faith in Me to heal. And I will heal, saith the Lord. And I will heal tonight, saith the Lord.
You have called, you have asked Me to come and join you here this morning. I heard you. I came. I am with you. All of My glory that I am, rests upon you. And I say unto you, by that touch of the Holy Spirit, everything that is within you, that is not of Me must go. In the name of Jesus and by the blood of the Lamb, it has no place in you, in My people, saith the Lord. For this is a curse that the darkness has brought upon My people. And I say unto you, it is not to destroy you, but it is to give you faith, My faith. My faith that removes mountains, if I say so. And I give unto you that authority, because I have named you the Sons of God. And you have the authority. You no longer have to be a victim to those things that attack you, those things that surround you, those things that want to destroy you. But I have come. And I have come to give you life. Life abundantly. Receive it My people.
For I am the maker of all things saith the Lord. And I can take these things that are sour in you and throw them in the fire and cast them out. There is only one Spirit that belongs in your hearts. It is the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and My Son Jesus Christ. You take these spirits and throw them up and out. And I will take them and throw them away. You take the boldness now, you put on the armor. You throw it up and away, and get it out. In the name of Jesus. In the name of the Holy Spirit. Throw it up, up and out, right now.
Oh My children, I say unto thee this day, strait is the path and narrow is the way, saith the Lord, for have I not chosen you, saith the Lord, to walk on the narrow and strait path. For I shall shine light on the place that you would go, and you shall not have to wonder where it is that you should go for I shall shine the light on the place where you will walk, saith the Lord. You shall take firm steps. You shall take deliberate steps. And these steps will be in boldness because you will be led by My Spirit, saith the Lord. And I say unto the, My children, do not fear, because fear is not of Me. And I say unto thee, walk in the way that I will guide in, sayeth the Lord, for I am the guiding Light, sayeth the Lord.
Yea My children, do not hold back for the time is come, it’s a new beginning. The time is now. Do not look back, look ahead. The path is narrow. Do not look to the side, for My light will guide you, and the darkness will hold back the enemy behind you. Keep your face into the Light, go forward, where your strength will come from Me. Just give yourself to Me and kneel at My feet. Things will go correct. Put on your armor. Walk forward. Thus saith the Lord.
My people, My love. Children, follow Me, walk with Me, this journey. I will not take you off course. I will lead you by My Spirit. I know your ups and downs, your challenges, your weaknesses in all of these. Remember My people, I am good too. It may seem sometimes I’m far off, but I am not far off. Draw near unto Me and I will draw near to you. Never distance yourself from Me. Never stop communing with Me because you are down, because you have lost a battle in your life. I am there, even in your loss. Keep praying to Me and seek My will in what you do. Do not seek your own will, do not try to bend the will of God, but be obedient to the will of God. He will not do anything otherwise in your life because I have called you, I have chosen you as My own. Fear not, My people, never despair, My people. The foe may try to cause fear in your life, but I have conquered the world for you, and have made you more than conquerors. My people, be strong, be strong in the things that you have been taught. Do not walk to the left or to the right, but walk straight forward because I am leading you. My presence will always go with you. Just give Me, My people, do not doubt. I will not do anything wrong in your life. My people, just trust in Me. Thus saith the Lord
Thus saith the Lord, enter into My presence. Fear not to enter into My glory for I will fill you. I will flow through you, saith the Lord. Yea, let Me be your voice, saith the Lord. Let Me be your hands and feet. Let Me be your glory, saith the Lord. Lay down your own life and take My life, and I shall give it to you abundantly. Even now. Even now take hold, speak My words, do My acts, saith the Lord.
For there is one voice, there is one Light, there is one God before thee that dost speak to thee. There are many voices in the earth, hearken not unto those voices but listen unto Me, saith the Lord. And I shall speak to thee, and I shall speak life to thee, I shall speak through thee, and My people. My body shall speak life unto the earth. Yea, all that thou shalt minister to, shall be ministered to in My power and My love. Yea, thou shalt speak words unto the earth and thou shalt cause the rivers to flow, rivers of life that flow round about thee, yea, rivers that flow from thee as thou standest in the midst of the river that is Me saith the Lord, yea, that thou dost speak that that thou dost do, shall be of Me, saith the Lord. Yea hearken unto Me this day.
Yea My people, I do call thee My people because of that relationship that I covenanted with thee from before the foundation of the world. Surely I’ve seen thee and I’ve known thee and I’ve loved thee and chosen thee before thou wast even in thy mother’s womb. Yea even before the worlds were spun into their orbits and all the stars were set in their places in the heavens. Yea, I’ve seen thee and I’ve known thee and I’ve prepared thee to inherit and possess My kingdom, saith the Lord. And I have chosen thee, not because thou art great, or many, or mighty, or noble, but because I’ve seen thine heart. For thou hast a heart after Me. And oh My people I’ve seen thy struggles as thou dost walk upon this earthen sod. Yea, I have seen thy failures, thy trials and thy tears. Yea, and many times thou hast come to the end of your human strength. And in that emptiness thou hast sought after Me with thine whole heart, to fill that spiritual void. And hast come to Me with a sincere, humble, soft heart of a child that saith ‘God be merciful to me, a sinner.’ Take My life, take all of it and transform it for your glory. Yea, and in that place where thou canst see My face and hear My voice, thy fear shall fade away. Thy spiritual emptiness shall be filled with all the fullness of Myself. In that place thy sorrow shall be turned into joy. Thy tears shall be wiped away. Thy emotional scars shall be lifted. The struggles and the strivings of the flesh shall begin to fall away and thou shalt learn to rest in My loving arms. Thy failures shall be forgotten and thy sins shall be forgiven. Thy strength shall be renewed as the eagle and thy soul shall be restored. For I will restore the years that the locust hath eaten, and the cankerworm and the caterpillar and the palmerworm. For I have come to redeem thee, saith the Lord.
My people, I have brought you this day, the power to be a light to the world, to be great lights. I was the Light of the world when I came, and I have given you Light My people, that you may shine forth. When people are in darkness, they need a Light. When people are in darkness, they want a Light. You are that Light My people. Let your light shine. The light will dispel the darkness. Don’t worry about evil. Don’t worry about these things. Be a light. A Light will dispel all darkness. All the shadows, everything about darkness will be gone when the Light is turned on. You are the light My people, that I have given you. So remain in the Light that the world may see.
For yea, I have called you, My people, to be My hand extended. And yea, I say unto thee, when you reach out to those around you, yea it is Me that reaches out. There is no difference. For you shall be so hidden in Me, that you will know My mind. You will do My will. It shall be My hand extended through you, My people. Thus says the Lord.
My children you have heard these things that have been spoken by My Spirit, saith the Lord. But to walk to these new heights that I have for you will take boldness. It will take boldness in the Spirit and the Spirit of Faith to understand. What the Lord thy God has promised, I will bring to pass but this cometh not but by yielding unto Me. The progression into the heights that I have for you takes place as you yield unto My Spirit and you follow exactly what I have you to do My children. I have chosen you because I have known your heart and it is Mine. So I will go before thee, My children, but yield, yield unto Me. Draw, draw unto Me, My children and behold what I have for you.
I am the Lord thy God. My words are life. Come unto Me and I will give you life.
Don’t think it’s impossible to please God. For anyone who comes to Me must believe that I exist, that I am a rewarder of those who honestly seek Me. I will reward you when you come to Me in faith, saith the Lord.
Just take one day at a time. Don’t rush yourself. For I am the Leader. Don’t try to make yourself stand forth as something glorified for I am the Lord your God, and I will lead you in those dark places I will help you in climbing that mountain and valley. I am your Leader. Follow Me one day at a time.
Yea, My children, you are My hands and My feet. And yea, I have called you to walk into this world and to share My love with those you come in contact with. Yea, to share My love with those in need. Yea, do not hold it within thyself, but yea, give it freely as I gave to others. Yea, My children, go forth in My love, saith the Lord.
For this is your calling My people. And this is the time where you will take hold of the ministry that I have given you and shall enter into that calling that I placed upon you, and you shall fulfill your calling in Me says the Lord. So, yea, look unto Me how you will fulfill your ministry. Look unto Me for the steps that you should take and the words that you should say, and who you shall minister to, and where you shall go to minister. For this is the day and the hour that you shall be a light unto the world. As the world grows darker and darker, your light shall grow brighter and brighter. And it will not be able to be distinguished. And yea, you shall be noticed. And yea, it shall draw those unto you, yea, My children, this is the day and the hour to let your light shine brightly, says the Lord.
Fear not My children as to the path that you will take. For I will go before you, and I will be behind you. I am your Light. I am your shining armor. Put your trust in Me and I will lead you.
Yea, My children, I tell you this day to go out with boldness, go out with joy and singing, for have I not said that I will guide you, I will be with you, and I will be your strength. So do not fear, My children, when the world presses in. Do not fear, My children, when people around you murmur  or whisper. For, yea, I tell you this day, My children, I am your strength. I am that Light that shines within you. So let your Light shine, My children. Follow that path that I have laid before you, My children. For when you follow that path and trust in Me, My children, I will guide you. I will give you that hope and a future, My children. But you must take and trust in Me. Trust in Me, and go forth with boldness, My children. Shine that Light to all those around you. Let them  see your good works through Me, My children.
For thus saith the Lord, I shall be a Light unto you, and you shall hear My voice as you stand in My presence. Therefore, stand in My presence that you may hear My voice, that you may understand My leading, that you may walk in My ways. For as I speak to you, I will empower you to do what I have told you to do even though it goes beyond what you had thought was possible. I will show you the Way. I will be your Path. And I shall open the door before you. Yea, and I shall do My works through you. And they shall be mighty works, saith the Lord. Of things that you have not yet imagined, saith the Lord. And it shall open before you, and you shall walk into it, saith the Lord, your God.
You say in your heart, “How do I do this, Lord?” I hear you speaking to Me. “How do I let this Light shine?” And I say unto you, I will do it. Let Me do it. Yield yourself to Me. It’s very simple. It’s not by your works or your power. It’s by you yielding to Me, standing in anticipation of hearing My voice, that you talk to Me, and I will talk to you. And I will tell you things that you don’t know anything about. But stand in My presence. Yield yourself to Me. And you will see mighty works.
For I did not create you to be bystanders, My children, but to be doers. Walk forward in My power with My armor. And be Me, be My words, be My actions, for I put you on this earth, My children, to be My disciples, My leaders, My mouth, My eyes, My feet on the ground. For you are the soldiers. Do not fear the flesh of other people or the worldly things, for you are protected by Me. God forward. Carry My word. Carry My way. Thus saith the Lord.
I am the Lord that leadeth thee. Yea, follow in My footsteps. Behold, I have given you great joy. Joy to the world. Let your joy be spread about to those that are hungry, those that are down-trodden. Be a Light because you are the Light. You have the Light within you. Do not put the Light under a bushel.  But let it shine. Let it shine forth. Be not afraid, for I am with thee. I am thy God and I shall lead thee in every step. Just follow Me.
Let it shine. Let it shine. You cannot make it. Just let My Spirit lead you. My perfect love takes away all your fears. I did not give you a spirit of fear. Remember: spirit of fear. There is a spirit of fear, but I have given you the Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. A sound mind is My mind. Let My mind lead you. Don’t resist. Just look to Me. Abide in My perfect love. This perfect love takes away all fear, yes, the spirit of fear. Thus saith the Lord.
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