A Glorious Salvation

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It’s a glorious salvation, it’s a wonderful way,
And God has shed His light upon my pathway.
And my way keeps growing brighter and I want to shout and sing,
A creature of eternity, a child of the King.

A child of the King, a child of the King;
Inheritance unfading, Oh let the joybells ring!
And I want to sing forever of salvation full and free.
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
For saving me!
I used to walk in darkness and my way it was not clear,
Until the blessed Saviour into my life appeared.
And He spoke such peace and joy to my heart that day.
There’s a new creation standing on the earth today.
Now I follow ever onward in the Kingdom of the Lord
Clothed in salvation’s armour, the Word of God my sword.
I gaze upon the promised land and praise the Lord on high.
The land of milk and honey I see before my eyes.
The Lord speaks softly to me, “My son, this is your rest –
The realm that I’ve prepared for My chosen blest.
And the Sons of God shall reign with me throughout eternity.
The chosen, called and faithful shall inherit all you see.”

Frank T. Patterson