All of the songs and poems in this web site are copyrighted, but free.  Consider them as freeware.

The copyrights are not for the purpose of charging any fees.

Use the songs and poems for free. If you publish a song to the internet, a link to this page or a copy of this copyright must be included on the same page.  Any other type of copy in any media must include basic copyright information.

Please do not change the words or melodies without permission.

You are free to make song books, books of poetry, projection sheets for your Church, sheet music, arrangements, recordings, etc. for the glory of God.  Use the songs for praise and worship, for websites, for personal witness, for Bible study, etc.

You are not free to restrict the use of any of these songs.   The only fee for using these
songs (this is optional, though) is that you really ought to share them for free with at least two other people.

The only other restriction if you are making a songbook, arrangement, etc., is that you must allow anyone to copy and distribute your work for free.  You may sell a song book, arrangement, or any other work that you do, but you cannot restrict others from copying it and distributing it.

The midi files have been created using music@passport software, so it is possible for you to make sheet music if you have the right software.