Poems and Writings

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A Lesson from Christopher Columbus

About Sin

Be Still



Christmas Commandments

Christmas in the Here and Now

Dads and Moms Who Pray

Did You Invest Your Prayers For Me?

Every Knee Will Bow

From Death to Life

Getting In!

Healing Quote by Charles S. Price</p

He’s Changing All Who Love Him to be Like Him

How to Find Love

How Would One?

I Gave Them to Him

I Have Said I Am a Christian

I Know Your Fear.  I Know Your Pain.

In His Garden

I Will Restore My Church Again

Just Content to Be a Son

Liberty!  What Is It?


Look Past the Symptoms to the Source of His Abundant Supply

Miraculous Revelation

Peace Child

Pure Thought Is Based On Logic, So the Story Goes

Rationalism and Revelation

Real Hope

Released From Captivity

Science and Logic Are Limited Tools

Science, Falsely So Called

Search And Find the Love that’s Real

Spirit of Sonship

Spiritual or Natural

That Time You Set Aside To Seek My Face

The Accuser

The Accuser Speaks With Pompous Words

The Best Is Yet To Come!

The Church Is Filled With Hypocrites

The Common Theme

The Faith of God

The Prophetic Word of Rationalism

The Purity Ring

The Real Church

The Way Is Simple

There Are Those Who Love To Say

There Is a Time in Early Morn

They Had Thought the Proof Would Come

This Is the Anointing Of Being

Thoughts We Have Thunk

Two Kinds of Faith

Two Spirits

Unfolding Revelation

War, the Great Division

What Is That High Calling?

What Is This Liberty?

Which Faith?

Who Are Those with Ears?

Would You Let This Guy Live In Your House?


Yes, My Child, I Have Led You in This Path

You Have My Plan Right in My Word

You Work So Very Hard

Your Most Important Relationship