Search And Find The Love That’s Real

Search and find the love that’s real and genuine and true.
Search and find fulfillment and the love that’s right for you.
How often earthly love has broken hearts that were sincere.
How many have reached out for love and now withdraw in fear.

How many seek for love but don’t know what they’re looking for,
Nor will they know the genuine as their emotions soar.
For love that’s true must come from God, a gift from up on high.
A gift that’s free to anyone. On that, you can rely.

And for each good and perfect gift that flows from God above,
The enemy makes counterfeits. And this is true of love.
Deceptive spirits, human minds in darkness speak of love,
But this is not the same as that which flows from God above.

So many things that are called love are sources of great harm,
And sorrow is the sad result of that deceptive charm.
The earthly love cannot compare to love that’s heavenly,
The love from God transcends the flesh and sets the spirit free.

So, as we learn to come to God and to discern His voice,
We often make mistakes and find we’ve made a harmful choice.
But God wants a relationship and if we will give heed,
If we but open up to Him, He’ll give us what we need.

Let all who want fulfillment come to God and walk in love,
And let it be that unfeigned love that flows from God above.
The love we need is found in God, whatever people say,
For God is love, and Christ is truth and Jesus is the way.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely.