Two Kinds Of Faith

There is a kind of faith,
A faith that is of man.
A faith that makes up its own way.
A faith that builds on sand.

There is a holy faith,
A faith from God above.
It hears God’s Word and then obeys,
In confidence and love.

There is a reasoned faith,
A faith from human mind.
It cannot find God’s holy way.
Its liberty will bind.

There is a sacred faith,
A faith that sets us free.
It sets us free so we obey.
And gives us eyes to see.

There is a human faith,
A faith for carnal use.
A faith that learns a carnal way,
And cannot walk in Truth.

There is a potent faith,
A faith that is of God.
By faith we walk in His straight way,
Empowered by Christ’s blood.

There is a foolish faith,
That leaps into the dark.
A faith that lies in what it says,
That boasts of its dead works.

There is real faith,
A faith that walks in light.
A faith that moves at what God says,
That only walks in Light.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely.