The Kingdom Of God Song Book

Songs & Hymns

A Nation Of Priests And Kings
A New Day I See
A New Day Is Dawning In The Earth
By The Word Of Our Testimony
Come Out, Come Out Of Her My People
Come Up Hither
Come, Lord Jesus, Shine More And More
Don’t Let Me Ever be Distracted, Lord
Everything Must be Restored
For Christ Shall Reign
God Is Building a Temple
Hear The Trumpet
Heaven and Earth Are Passed Away
How Beautiful Upon the Mountain
I Am A Steward Of The Ministry Of God
I Did Not Come to You by Depending on the Arm of the Flesh
I Found the Pearl
I Will Sing In the Ways of the Lord
If Your Eye Is Single Your Whole Body Is Full Of Light
If You’ve Been Born Again
In His Father’s House are Many Abodes
I’m Walking in the Spirit
Jesus Is The Resurrection And The Life
Just Beyond the Glory Clouds
Lay the Foundation First
Let Thy Kingdom Be The Only Thing For Me
Marching To The Kingdom
Now Is The Time
Oh Death Where is Your Sting
Oh Praise the Lord
Oh Lord My God, I Bow To Thee Alone
Oh What A Plan
One Purpose
Stand In Wonder
The Age is Ending
The Day Is At Hand
The Earthen Vessels Crying Abba
The First Fruits Company
The Hour Of Glory
The Hundred and Forty-Four-Thousand Now Stand
The Kingdom and Dominion
The Kingdom He Is Building In The Hearts Of You And I
The Kingdom Of God
The Kingdom Order Has Been Restored
The Living Stones, I’ll Set In Place
The Spring Has Come At Last
The Wolf and the Lamb Shall Feed Together
There are Treasures in Earth
There’s A Whole Lot A Shaking Going On.
Things Are Shakin’; Plant My Feet Upon the Rock
This Is It, This Is It!
Thy Kingdom Come, Lord; Thy Will Be Done
Turn Us Again, Lord
What the World Needs is the Kingdom of God
When Jesus Ascended He Gave Gifts Unto Men
Ye Flames Of Fire
You Have A Ministry
You’re On The Brink

Poetry & Meditations

Every Knee Will Bow
From Death To Life
In His Garden
Just Content To Be A Son
The Kingdom Is Now At Your Hand
What Is That High Calling?