All Things Are Possible

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Come all ye that worry, and all who are depressed.
Come all heavy laden, and I will give you rest
Come all ye discouraged, And I will give you peace.
Come all ye downhearted, in Me, you’ll find release.

Nothing is impossible to you when you believe.
Nothing is impossible for you shall receive.
Nothing is impossible so put your faith in God.
Nothing is impossible through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Now reach out to Jesus, He’s reaching out to You.
Reach out to Jesus, for He will see you through.
Just reach out to Jesus; He’ll take you by the hand.
Reach out to Jesus; His life He will command.

All things are possible to us when we believe.
All things are possible for we shall receive.
All things are possible; let’s put our faith in God.
All things are possible through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Now praise and adore Him for all that He has done
Glorify and worship Him; the work, He has begun.
Believe in God’s own promises; He’s given us His Word.
Now we have the Victory through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Ewald Wanagas