Behold the Darkness Covers

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Behold the darkness covers
All of the land,
And gross darkness covers
The people of the earth.
But the Lord shall rise upon you.
His glory shall be seen.
Arise and shine my people
For now your light is come.

Behold, the day shall come;
It shall fiercely burn,
Shall burn like an oven,
Until the dross consumed.
But to you who fear my Name,
My righteousness shall rise,
The sun of righteousness
With healing in His wings.

Let not your heart be troubled,
Neither be afraid.
In this world of darkness,
Let Your light brightly shine.
For the night will soon be over.
The day is now at hand.
Soon God’s righteousness and glory,
Shall cover the whole land.

Then, there’ll be no more sorrow;
No more sickness there.
There’ll be no more crying,
And there’ll be no more pain.
For the former things are ended
Behold, all things are new.
O death, where is your sting now.
Where grave, your victory


Ewald Wanagas