From Death To Life

From death to Life, from doubt to Faith,
From fear to Love, by mighty Grace,
Oh, people, move as I direct you into Light.
And never fear for I am here.
And, as you seek, I will draw near.
And, just ahead, you see the Kingdom shining bright.

It’s given once for men to die,
So Christ has died to satisfy
The debt of sin and death that you could never pay.
The door of life is open wide.
Come in. Come in. Come and abide.
Take hold of Him, and pass from night into the day.

The Kingdom now is here for you.
The King is calling unto you.
Oh let the world fade away through His free grace.
Take hold of Life in Christ the Lord.
Rise up in Him. He is the Word.
Keep walking in; behold the glory of His Face.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely for the glory of God.