Here in My Heart

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Here in my heart, create a holy zeal
For Thy great Kingdom and show me what is real.
Test all my thoughts and actions now with fire.
Lord let Your Kingdom be my one desire.

Error and sin, Lord, You can conquer these.
They fight the Spirit just like a dread disease.
O’r all that hinders, take authority.
Lord, hush my ranting mind. I must hear Thee.

Come, topple all the strongholds in my mind.
And any theory that makes my eyes go blind.
Cause me to see, and have a willing ear.
Traditions, I now renounce, so I may hear.

How many forms and doctrines can there be.
The mind is an idol as is theology.
Let Your light shine on all I think I know.
Set me on Your foundation, there to grow.

Lord let me go where You would have me go.
Open Your Word by the Spirit’s mighty flow.
Let me discern the gifts and ministries.
O, give the eyes of faith that I might see.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely for the glory of God.