Just Beyond the Glory Clouds

Just Beyond the Glory Clouds
Just Beyond the Glory Clouds
Just beyond the glory clouds, I see a host appear,
They descend now into earthly realms,
Where we now stand, they are near.
Beholding us no longer, from far away,
But they see clear,
And together we shall rend the veil,
For perfection time is here.

A command rings out from our Father’s voice,

Saying, “Yield – the Day’s at hand”

To usher in this exploit group,That is called,

The Corporate Man.

As my plan unfolds and will is done,

In earth, so all men may see,

The invisible now brought to light,

Reconciling all to me!




Hey, look! And see this heavenly host,

And feel their presence, in the Holy Ghost,

Rejoice, restoration is at hand.

Together, we now sing,

And His presence we do bring,

Both sides of the river, bringing forth this Corporate Man!

Copyright Bob and Charlotte Torango