What Is It About Christmas?




What is it about Christmas that brings such joy and peace?
To those who understand it, it brings sweet release.
What is it about Christmas that brings such peace and joy?
And what are people finding beyond the food and toys?

It is the news of Jesus, Who gave Himself in love,
So we may be united, at last, to God above.
It is the joy that, freely, we may partake of Him
His glory, ever brighter, will never become dim.

And, though we cannot see it with earthly eyes so blind,
We see it in the Spirit. We serve Him with our mind.
The old man is now fading. The New Man, now, may grow.
And Christmas tells this story that started long ago.

So, now, we see, in Christmas, the hope of lives made new,
Of standing in God’s presence, and walking with Him, too.
And every time we touch Him, He touches us as well,
And we are changed forever. This is what Christmas tells.

This living, flowing, Spirit of Him Who came that day
Is ever more abounding if we but give Him sway.
If we will yield our members to Him while here below,
His Spirit, yes, His Glory, will from within us flow.

And that is why sweet Christmas, now, offers joy and peace,
The Savior has the power to cause despair to cease.
For He obeyed the Father and our salvation won,
That those who don’t reject Him can grow mature as sons.

If we receive the Savior and with Him e’er abide,
We turn toward heav’nly blessing, from vanity and pride.
And, standing in His presence, He changes us each day,
To, one day, grow to fullness, mature in every way.

We look for the completion. And Christmas gives us cheer.
We know the Christ of Christmas, Whose Presence we have here.
And, daily, as we seek Him and find Him ever more,
From glory to new glory, as eagles, we now soar.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely to the glory of Christ.