Christmas In The Here And Now

The holidays are frantic in our rush to get things done.
It’s a wonder we survive them with our fervor to have fun.
And we make so many plans that keep us busy all day long.
So there is no time for Jesus, and it seems there’s something wrong.

For the Baby in the manger, long ago and far away
Doesn’t seem to be important as we live from day to day.
There’s a Baby in the manger, far away and long ago,
But we’ve things that we must do, and we’ve places we must go.

And yet, Jesus is the focus if we only understand.
He’s the most important Factor–for the Kingdom is at hand.
Jesus makes the difference for us as our Savior only can.
He agreed to be a servant, to become a lowly man.

He, the Son, obeyed the Father on that day that He was born.
Not as man who chose the evil, so the human race was torn,
Torn away from God the Father and were made as slaves to sin,
But the Christ obeyed the Father to reverse the mess we’re in.

He obeyed Him in each act and word and thought throughout His life.
He obeyed Him in His death and then removed all earthly strife.
He arose the overcomer–over sin, death and the grave,
And ascended into heaven–and then many gifts He gave.

Now He opens up the door for any who will enter there
To be joined with God the Father–for He freed us from the snare.
So there’s much more to the story than a Baby long ago,
For He’s born within the heart, and this is by the Spirit’s flow.

When He’s born within our hearts, He gives us power then to be
Full-grown, manifested sons of God to live eternally,
We look back unto the manger and the cross of long ago,
And now we have Christ within us; God has planned that seed will grow

To the measure of the stature of the fullness. It’s God’s plan
To conform us to His image. It’s the work that God began.
He has set us in His Body to be coworkers today
To be coworkers with God, just as the Master forms the clay.

And the gifts He puts within us are the gifts from up above,
As they tear down mighty strongholds, and they build the Church in love.
And from glory unto glory they are building it today
In the here and in the now, not long ago and far away.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely.