How To Find Love

To look for love the worldly way,
Will mostly always bring dismay,
And kissing frogs will only work
To help you find another jerk.

If you want love, here’s my advice,
Don’t use a worldly device.
You want the one who’s right for you.
No other one will really do.

Just run toward God with all your might,
And as you run, you’ll catch the sight
Of one who runs in that same race,
Who keeps a pace like your own pace.

Another who loves Jesus so,
And lives life in the Spirit’s flow.
This might just be the one for you.
Trust God to tell you what to do.

The real question will not be,
“How can I find a love for me?”
The question, which is oft ignored,
“How better may I seek the Lord?”

And as you seek the Lord above,
You’ll have no trouble finding love.
You’ll find the life that’s right for you,
And happiness your whole life through.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely.