Liberty! What Is It?

Liberty! What is it? What does it imply?
Lose the chains that bind you. To them, you may die.

Live to Him Who frees you. This is liberty.
Live to Him Who gives life. This will set you free.

Freedom comes at last now. Free from what to what?
Do you have some burdens? Doors you’d like to shut?

There are just two choices, choosing one of two.
Every choice you’re making sets your course for you.

All the world’s divided. Some are free from God.
Some are free to serve Him, free from Satan’s rod.

If you serve your own will, then you are its slave,
If you will receive Him, Christ is there to save.

Freedom from the Savior makes you slave to sin.
Freedom from your own flesh means you’re serving Him.

Some are moving with God. Some move on their own.
Some have got a soft heart. Some have hearts of stone.

Those who truly love God live to seek His face,
Listen to Him speaking, walking in His grace.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely.