Rationalism And Revelation

Rationalism and revelation will never see eye to eye.
Revelation trusts in God,
Rationalism trusts lies.

Rationalism thinks the human mind is all the source.
That human minds can dream up truth.
That they are the ultimate force.

Revelation believes God’s Word, unchallenged to this hour.
That God can yet reveal His truth.
That He is the ultimate power.

And rationalized theology and science can be shown
The source of every kind of pain,
And trouble the earth has known.

But God has never authored strife, disorder, curse or plague.
He is the source of all that’s good.
His Light is never vague.

What God has made declares His power so anyone can see.
But as for those who make up facts?
They’re blind as blind can be.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely.