The Real Church

Our God is real and absolute and His Light never dims,
Though much is done and falsely labeled as a work of Him,
Unlike the real Christ, the Only Hope of all mankind,
A plastic church suggests another christ of laws that bind,
A christ composed of many rules and rituals and forms,
And claiming that some human works could somehow please the Lord.
The members of the real Church confess the state they’re in,
Depending on the works of Christ to save them from their sins.
Who look to power from On High to be set fully free,
And, though yet soiled, and spotted still, to one day holy be.

There is no way to join God’s Church, yet all who will may come,
And any may be born into this Church of God’s dear Son.
Unlike our mighty Lord, Who saves, and heals, by Whom we soar,
A man-made church presents some other christ who has no power,
A christ who has no power to heal, no power to set you free,
But rather form and ritual, a name from history.
How different, God’s Church, God’s Doors, His called out ministries,
Who manifest the potent Christ, the One Who sets us free,
Those led with power from on high; those called out from the world,
Those called to sell all that they have to purchase this great pearl.

The Church is not a club to join, yet all who will may come,
And any may be born into this Church of God’s own Son.
Unlike this Holy One, in Whom we live so high above,
Synthetic churches pose some other christ . . . who is not Love,
A christ who brings no holiness, a mist from long ago,
A christ who is so far away, not like the One we know.
How different, God’s Church: with Love of God and Spirit flow,
Obeying Christ, our vital Lord, The living Corner Stone.
That pattern absolute and sure, the living Christ Divine,
For we love Him Who is the Light, so He within us shines.

And all who seek to know the Lord will find Him as they pray,
Though many false christs are put forth who cannot help or save.
Unlike the mighty Christ, Whose presence is a burning fire,
A plastic church presents some other christ of mind’s desire,
A christ who entertains and stimulates the human minds,
A made up christ who loves the world, that shackles, maims, and blinds.
Christ’s Body is the Church: the growing Temple from On High,
Which now shows forth Lord Jesus Christ, the only Good and Kind,
The Temple of our holy God, a House not made with hands,
By that which every joint supplies, this Temple grows and stands.

So many spirits have gone forth, and many voices speak,
But those who seek the Holy One are careful as they seek.
They find the teaching Christ, Whom we may seek and find and know,
While pseudo-churches preach another christ who cannot show,
A christ who cannot speak to us, nor even guide our way,
The christ they preach we cannot know, nor grow in Him each day.
The contrast is the Church: those called to Light from shades of gray,
To walk according to the Christ revealed, in pots of clay.
Those called to press toward calling high will be set fully free,
And, though yet soiled, and spotted still, will one day holy be.

The doctrine that there is no Truth, Whom we may seek and find,
Pervades the earthly, devilish church, which charms the human mind.
Not like the great I Am, Who is, and Whom we know and feel,
A barren church presents a different christ who is not real,
A christ who says, “Do as thou wilt,” with choices you may choose,
A vapor, a philosophy, a thought that you can use.
How different, God’s Church, those who reveal our God’s good news,
They manifest the steadfast Christ, the One Whom all may choose,
With love unfeigned and hope unquenched and Faith the only shield,
That Body of the living Lord: His essence now revealed.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely.