Be Filled With the Spirit

Be Filled With The Spirit MIDI

Be filled with the Spirit speaking to yourselves
In psalms and hymns and Spiritual songs.
Let God’s word dwell richly, deep within your hearts,
That you may bear fruit for the Glory of God.

The God of all peace wholly sanctify,
And set you apart for the Kingdom of God.
Rejoice now, and praise Him, O, ye Sons of God.
The Kingdom of God is near unto you.

It will not be long, yes, it will be soon,
When all men shall see the Glory of God.
Behold! I create now everything new.
And you’re being made in the image of God.

All Glory and Honor, to our Blessed Lord,
Dominion and power to our God belong.
Our hearts filled with rapture, our mouth filled with praise;
We love You and thank You for Infinite Grace.


Ewald Wanagas