Does Your Life Seem Empty?

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Does your life seem empty,
Riddled with despair,
Praying into lonesome dark:
“Is anyone out there?”

“Why isn’t my life working?
Is there a God somewhere?”
Then, at last, the answer comes,
“I’m here, but do you care?”

“I’ve often spoken to you,
But you would never hear,
Speaking words of light and hope,
Of purity and cheer.”

“Long ago you heard me.
You thought that I was wrong.
Don’t say your God won’t show the way.
I’ve been here all along.”

“And if you will receive me,
I’ve got my hand out still.
Find me while it’s called today;
If you seek, you will.”

“I’ll guide if you will yield.
I’ll comfort and I’ll feed
If, just, your heart will yield to me.
Just try me. I will lead.”

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson, Freeware. Use it freely for the glory of God.